Selasa, 24 Disember 2013

Celoteh Captain Shafari

So far no news from CDM on achieving his KPI. Maybe still in cloud 9. NSC is satisfied though Malaysia got only half no. of golds medals compared to what Myanmar won. And Myanmar is only getting out of military grip recently and was alwalys for below us. 

We got 25 golds in Olympics sports and that made us to feel we are superior than most of our neighbours. Hehe again and again, NSC is trying to please the masses but we all know that we lack the pool of talented sportsman. 

We are not improving at all whereas aur Asean members are moving forward. Maybe it is true tahat a day will come when we'll employ Timor Leste coaches (in sports) or even exporting  our maids to Indonesia (economy)
Captain Shafari.
You guys that went to Myanmar must have missed watching The Voice 5 final. Try to watch it and see how they, the 3 finalists and their coaches work together and their performance - just amazing, unbelievable and the best musical show l've seen. 

The best part is the determination of the singers in giving their best salecting the best song according  to their capabilities Congrats to them especially Tessane Chin, the winner. Superb show. If only our athletes and officials can have that level of bonding in a professional way, then we will see more gold medals...

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