Isnin, 28 Mei 2012


Dear all, LCW injured again. And Olympics is just hardly 2 months away. Lets us pray for a fast recovery or otherwise all our hope for the last 4 years...i.e LCW to get the 1st Gold for Malaysia in the Olympics will only be another dream. Maybe there is still some hope in other events/sports like cycling, archery, shooting or diving but then...LCW is the reigning world champion and deep in us... there is a greater chance from him. Anyway... I have some confidence that this is the Olympics that Malaysia will get at least a gold..either from badminton or from diving. Yeah... Malaysia BOLEH!! 

Chelsea is Europe's champion. Congrats to Drogba and his lucky team. The departure of AVB had made a tremendous turn around for Abrahamnovich's team. To be frank I didnt watch the game cos I dont fancy the way Bayern or Chelsea played... They are not in the same league like Barcelona, Real Madrid, MU, Manchester City or even Newcastle and Spurs which have some flair... being crafty, with individual skills like Messi, Nani, Aguero, Ronaldo etc... Chelsea and Bayern are more for physical play - robust and being very tactical. In other words...there is no element of syiok and oomph... 

 And the passing of Robin Gibb and Donna Summer had some effect to many of us especially to those who were used to Bee Gees songs. I am not a keen singer but Bee Gees songs are evergreen....I can keep on humming one after another of their many many songs (definitely with many wrong wordings)....and Staying Alive is my favourite song and I just love to dance to the music..the way John Travolta did. If Si Dia is willing to be Olivia Newton John...then I dont mind to show of my Saturday Night Fever dancing capability. hehehe Then others might say.. 'orang tua ini dah naik minyak'.... heheh Who cares, right? Ehh wah... the fingers pointing towards the ceiling...with bell-bottomed slacks and high heel shoes.... hahah to those above 40s .. they are able to recall the dance. 

 Oh... got to rush for something else... 

Kepten Shafari
 Till next time...please take care and the very best in what ever you do.

 To Si Dia... be happy.... and I am missing you. capt.

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