Jumaat, 22 Julai 2011

Photo: Chelsea Football Club Tour

Thank you to all who turned up yesterday, those who r supposed to come but didn't, u wasted precious seats when others could hv come instead... so dont come at all next time.... we know who u are... and also to those who came, took tickets and cabut and buat hal sendiri....that's your last appearance.... anyways thanks to all who made it happen... big thanks to ASTRO

Malaysia came alive in 2nd Half.Chelsea had to work hard for their money.. 0-1 loss was not a shame.. hold your heads high, Young Tigers, ahead of crucial game against rival Singapore next...

Harimau Muda, nation is proud of you! You made Chelsea stars look like novices. Not only you denied Chelsea from scoring, you also almost scored equaliser. And that Chelsea solitary goal was not a goal, after watching the replay many times!

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