Rabu, 27 Julai 2011

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Make Singapore Takut 02

Salam my friends,

it is just 2 days away for our team, Harimau, either to make it to the next round or to lose to the Lions. To me, I want my country to win! We Malaysians, from all walks of life, no matter how old and no matter what race and religion, definitely want Malaysia to win too. We are Malaysians. 1 Malaysia. The only betrayers are the bookies and gamblers.

So guys, please come to the stadium and let us sama sama cheer together, to play a part so as to motivate our players to win. I can still feel that chilling, thrilling, glorious moments when Malaysia won the soccer gold in Laos Sea Games, before that the match against Thailand in the final of women's basketball in Korat Sea Games. Then in Vietnam Sea Games we all shouted as 1 Malaysia till we all lost our voices when Malaysia lost to Indonesia in Men's badminton. "Its OK, its alright, Come on Malaysia Fight Fight Fight!" The shouts of this 'slogan" had somehow gone into the players head and Roslin Hashim was diving all over the court trying to retrive every shot. No matter Malaysia lost, we took it cos Malaysia went down fighting all the way. We accepted cos we lost to a better team and as supporters, we had given them everything that we had. We are proud of the players and we are satisfied to ourselves. As for a record, we were there and we had played our part in cheering for the team. Though we lost, but we were very proud of ourselves.

So Famesians, being Veterans or newly joined, each and everyone of us could recollect those moments that we felt that we had done something to our nation's games and sports. So please let us all do it one more time when Malaysia meet Singapore in the return match on 28 Jul, tomorrow. Please.... many years after this match, a lot of us could proudly say that we were there in the stadium and had cheered till Malaysia won and qualified to the World Cup finals in Brazil. WOW! Wulawei!

So datang ramai ramai ok.

Capt..Si Dia, datanglah... please (I m on my knees now)

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Chua Eng Siong berkata...


We are all game for our "Sokongan Padu Famemas" to cheer our Harimau Malaya to victory !!!

Salam Famemas 1 Malaysia

Yg benar,
Chua Eng Siong

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Thanks for sharing the information....

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