Khamis, 30 Disember 2010

Congrats & well done

Dato' Zolkples Embong

Thanks and well done Lee. Very good remark by you. Yes 2010 is The Year of Malaysian Sports. We have achieved practically everything. Last night was really an icing of the cake. You and your Famemas have help our athletes a lot especially to bring up their spirit.

I agreed with you that our supporters need to behave better. I really respect Indonesian supporters last night. They were very sporting. Imagine 95,000 inside the stadium and more than that figure outside watching big screens. Nothing bad happened. We were drowned in the sea of reds. Of course it was very scary and we did not go out until it was very clear.

Their players were very sporting too. They did not apply dirty tactics and showed their true sportmanship.

Whatever it is, credit must be given to our boys for enduring all those pressure. Like the one that I have undergone in Delhi and Guangzhou. I always say that our team is a handicapped team without at least 8 regulars. But they show their spirit and dedication.

We are very happy with this year's performance. Best ever since I joined NSC in 1984. This will motivate us to work even harder. Thanks to you all. My regard to all Famemas members. Will fly back to KL this evening. Need to have a good rest.


Dato Zol.

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