Sabtu, 9 Oktober 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - LKY

Captain Shafari

Salam to all,

My condolences to Mr Lee Kwan Yew, his family & to all Singaporeans on the passing of Mdm Kwa Geok Choo. May her soul rest in peace.

No matter what, I have this great respect to MM LKY. If he were to be a Melayu, than there would not be a Singapore but only Malaysia and by now, Malaysia is the "Switzerland of the East". All of us, no matter what job we are holding, what colour is our skin and what religion we practice, we all shall be working for 6 months in a year and holidaying for the next half year. We are driving Mercedes, Ferraris, BMWs, Hummmers and our clothes are of CK, Prada with rolex watches and millions in our accounts.

And WHY cant we? What do Singapore has? It is only a small state without natural resources. And what Switzerland has? Lakes, mountains and some cottage industries. And Malaysia... we have all the natural resources and we are blessed with good weather all year round and no earthquake, volcanoes or typhoons. So if we were to compare to those 2 countries.... we are damned bloody rich and being lucky too. But where are we now? Economically, we are even lacking behind Thailand and Vietnam. We are far behind Singapore...very,very far behind. If Singapore were to be as high as our twin towers, than Malaysia is like Bangunan LGM, across the road from KLCC. Yeah I am still a Malaysian at heart, but then our so called guardians of Malaysians from 1981 till me, they have failed miserably. They betrayed their country men. Yeah... where are all the country's riches? Evaporated? Diluted? Missing? Well... you and I have the answer to it. We are all matured.

I am fed up with politicians. When we were in Laos, we were given the hope that Famemas were to be in GAG as the official Malaysian supporters. The promise was made after Malaysia had won the Women's badminton gold and Soccer's gold. But now, the same politicians are singing a different tune... kalau dulu depa nyanyi "Dondang sayang"... now they are singing "Funky music".... and I wonder what they'll be after their death.... maybe 'blacker' than charcoal.

EPL? I hate whenever there is this interruption of Euro Cup. I am not bother to watch Germany vs Turkey or other inter Euro matches. But I'll watch "sepenuh jiwa & raga" whenever Blackpool (I dare not write as Blackfool- very sensitive) play, or MU or any clubs in EPL. For this season, I think most of the teams are of almost equal standard, less Chelsea which I compare it as Singapore and Norwich as Malaysia. You better find where Norwich City is playing now... which division... Proton did sponsor them before.

And Tony Fernandez is suing Proton for the rights to use Team Lotus? Aiyaah... adik beradik bergaduh pun mahu bawa kes ke England. I just cant understand why cant they settle the case amicably. Let it be a win-win situation. Please do not tarnish Malaysia's name any more. We are already known for the wrong reasons... dont put extra salt in the wound please.

So tomorrow is Famemas gathering... dinner at Bagan Hailam restaurant in Port Klang. Hope many to come. I'll like to apologise cos my plan of supplying a few fishes cant be done cos my favourite kolam pancing was closed since Tuesday. They are cleaning the pond. And I dont like recommending fishes from other kolams cos they have that muddy smell and taste.

Again, please come for the gathering ok. Apa salahnya kita berkumpul, bercerita, bertukar pendapat, menanya kabar.... sambil makan. Tak salahkan. Just to get together among Famemas members...

Till we meet tomorrow... take care and the very best in whatever you do.


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