Isnin, 9 Ogos 2010


Captain Shafari

Salam to all,

To all Muslims... Selamat mengerjakan ibadah puasa beginning from this Wed or Thurs.

And all the nice and good things are back again...terawihs, preparing and breaking of fast, sahors and the empty tummies. To be frank... at times I am looking forward for this fastings especially when I was having a family... my kids were growing then and their daily anticipation and characters made me to go all over again. They would ask how long more to the breaking of fast... and will they die of hunger and etc etc... just very interesting. I am missing all those days. But now... I am alone... and breaking of fast is just nothing. I'll have my sahor at 1 am and at times I am going to give it a miss.... so tiada apa-apa yang menyeronokkan... but then again... this fasting is part of fullfilling the mandatory requirement of Islam... a must thing... and therefore it should not be taken lightly or with fun. Selamat berpuasa.

Razlin... can I have a date with you for berbuka puasa? Only you and I. Please....

Then Hari Raya.... ahhh..... and this year, the damage to my wallet wont be that teruk cos 2 of my 3 kids are working now. Yeah... lesser burden. But still the 3rd will ask for a bigger budget. Anak-anak zaman sekarang.... they'll have their way to kow-tow their parents into giving what they really want.

New season of EPL? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Chelsea lost to MU in the Charity Sheild last nite. MU Boleh!! But just to control my BP... I am going to support Fulham this season. I want Mark Hughes to tell the world that his sacking from Manchester City is a gain to Fulham. Foolham Boleh!! And my enemy no. 1 is still the elder brother of Foolham... i.e. Liverfool. I hate Liverfool more this season cos of the migration of Roy Hodgson.... and the ever misguided fans of the"Never Walk alone" club.

I hope Manchester City would not flop again and maybe Newcastle is a team to watch but then the story line would almost be identical as last season... MU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham are to be the front leaders.

So I heard that XXX is allocating 40 seats for Famemas members to go to Ghoungzhou Asian games? Well.. a very good news then. It would be better if food, accomodation and transportation are sponsored too. Then kita semua membawa badan, semangat dan suara saja. Alang kah bagus nya... right?? Hope our hardworking EXCOs are working hard for that. And we should all play a part in making the trip a reality. Hidup Famemas!!

Razlin, why dont you try horse riding pulak as many of the diving heavens are out of bounds caused by the change of climate? They is 1 in Taman Equine, Sri Kembangan or there is another in Kuang. To me... naik kuda fan fare pun jadi lah....

Ok guys... I am just letting off my Monday blues. Hope to meet you all 1 of these days... especially Lilian with her Hoon junior.

Ok bye... and take care.

capt... To Si Dia... selamat berpuasa. mungkin kita boleh berbuka di NZ.

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