Isnin, 18 Januari 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - 2010

Captain Shafari

Salam and Hello to all my frens,

2010...15 days had gone by and later.... God's willing... we'll be in 2011. Yeah ..time flies too fast. I've been looking over and over again at all the photos that our great photographer... En Zuldean had taken and well....I had the feelings that Vietnam and Korat Sea Games were just held recently... like just a year or two ago. And Laos was just like a week ago. Yeah... the power of pictures that can play wonders with one's feelings. Thank you Zul. Thank you Famemas.

This started with an uneasy situation... the attacks on churchs. I blamed the judge who should have thought, considered and weighed all matters first before making the judgement. When it comes to religion... it is a very sensitive matter. What ever... I condemn the irresponsible doings on to the churchs.

So our great Tiger Woods had done more "holes in one" .... 14 or 15? And to those which were not surfaced yet...WOW!! what an 'extra strong' Tiger he is. But then with all the infidelities and he is winning most of the times...then we could summarize that "Sex is good for sports" huh. heheh So to all the sportsmen.... apa lagi ..this is a hint only ok...

Of late I could not attend the dragons' matches in MABA Stadium and the gathering of our Laos contingent at PICC. Sorry for that cos there were many things to do.. especially the beginning of the year.

MU lost in FA Cup. And Liverfool lost too. If you all remember...I've predicted Benitez to be sacked and Liverfool cant win any major trophies this season. So my prediction is al;most true. Only time... and very soon... I am proven to be right. heheh Sorry Liverfooldians!

The only consolation to Liverfooldians is that MU is about to get into the same situation. If the American owners slacks a bit.... then MU too will be history. So Razlin... u can now feel better cos Arsenal is very stable and Ballack's team is still on top. Tahniah Razlin.

Oh... actually there many more to write but then GTG... something urgent. Well guys... if you dont feel easy with my Celoteh... just cancel it ok.

Enjoy life and the very best to all of you in 2010.

To Mums to be.... dont let the year of the Tiger haunt you that there will be more Tiger Woods.... heheh... On the brighter side... kalau jadi Tiger Woods the Greatest Golfer, why not??

Me... still rindu kan si Dia... hehehe.. dah almost 7 tahun!

Till next time we'll meet... Insyallah....

thank you.


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Lyn berkata...

I sokong Chelsea first.. then only Arsenal.. haha