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Mabuhay Manila!

Mabuhay Manila!
(Lydia Teh 23 November 2005)

I'm going to Manila for SEA Games, Not as a participant but as a supporterlah. Turn today's Star backpage story and you'll see us Famemas members rearing to go support our athletes. (Ahem, firt time I appear in newspaper backpage AND frontpage too. If not for Famemas, no chance for this 5-min of time)

If you're wondering what Famemas is all about, here's some info to enlighten you. The Samsung Famemas Supporters Group was conceived by Samsung Malaysia Electronics in 2002 to promote the spirit of sportsmanship through supporting and inspiring Malaysia athletes to excel.

Famemas represent the combination of the word Fame and Malaysia. When spoken out loud, sounds like Famous - a reflection of our national athletes out to win glory and fame for Malaysia.

Since 2002, members of Samsung Famemas Supporters Group have been screaming their hearts out in fervent support of our beloved Malaysian athletes across the wold - from the Olympics in Athens, the Asian Games in Korea to the SEA Games in Vietnam. It is the first official club that brings together hundreds of fun loving Malaysian sports - fans. Besides attending sports events to support our athletes, members of the Samsung Famemas Supporters Group can get of the latest news and updates on Malaysian Sports at our website. Members can also the hottest topics on sports at our Forums or make new friends chatting with hundreds of other members online. Famemas also organizes other sporting activities like charity badminton, bowling clinics, Sunday jog and more to keep members in shape.

How did I make the cut for Manila? If you now me, you know the answer. Enter contest. 7 days all-expenses paid trip for a slogan. Not badlah. But then this is not a pleasure trip. It's a working holiday, if you please. We'll be in Manila to chee our athletes and lift their spirits, not go gallivanting all over town. But of course all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so our sponsor has kindly arranged for some free time so we can sight-see and shop a little.

The organizers will bring our cheering Arsenal along: Jalur Gemilang, kompang and thunder sticks. (Better quality ones, we're promised. Those used in the Vietnam SEA Games went limp after one round of cheering.) On our part, we just have to bring voices along, and of course lots and Fisherman's.

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