Isnin, 3 Mac 2014

Famemas Forum - Fire at Selayang Stadium!

Imej negara terancam! 

Fire at Selayang Stadium! More than 300 Ultras Malayas threw fire cannisters into soccer pitch and match between Malaysia vs Fillipina was disrupted!. They demanded FAM Presiden to be replaced. A shameful act to country! - Mr. Lee 

FAM perlu ambil tindakan kepada Ultras Malaya... mereka ini kurang ajar... kalau hendak pun presiden letak jawatan, gunakanlah saluran tertentu.. Jangan ganggu permainan di padang. MEMALUKAN. PATUT LARANG MEREKA DARI MASUK STADIUM. Mr Lee buat proposal - Saini 

This not the way - Cikgu Nordin 

Barbarians?- Ming Sen 

Ultras Malaya submitted ‘white papers’ demanding FAM President to resign and refused to leaae stadium after match has ended - Mr. Lee 

Update current situation. What cause the violence - Ayu 

No one has the right pollute the air - Kelly 

Dissatisfaction with top FAM leadership and poor performance of Harimau team lately - Mr. Lee 

Ok. Bam too undergone same situation but we are wise not to create havoc. Things canbe solve through discussion. Nation pride shd be given lst top priopty - Ayu
Selayang Stadium.
The people has their rights! They had tried to remove the President for so long in a proper way but FAM is made up of the President’s men. So, what choice do they have? - Captain Shafari 

I don’t condone violence but I agree with En Shafari. And for that matter, the same goes to a few others sport associations! - Noor 

While agreeing with Captain, I disagreed on the violent approach, for example, I have not hear them doing press conference by submitting their proposal to FAM. Yes, that’s true that FAM might not even bother (just like how FAM response to Khairi), it doesn’t mean they have the right to revenge in such way, what is that injured innocence? Many crashes or incidences started bcoz of violent move. Sorry, just not the way for Malaysian.- Ming Sen 

I witnessed at first hand the damage inflicted by Ultras Malaya on the Malaysia - Phillipines match. While I agree and concur with Capt Shafari that its Rakyat’s right to protest or demostrate against weak FAM leadership or to seek redress and change in FAM, but I don’t agree with the way its done yesterday. It could have caused injury to players and officials on pitch. They were silent for 20 mins into game, and then all of a sudden, when Phillipines were attacking our goalmouth, they (I mean their supporters) started throwing gas cannisters, fireworks and water bottles in direction of players. - Mr. Lee

What if it hit one of them? Who is to blame? There are avenues to show displeasure at FAM but violence is not one of them. Imagine these images were shown around the world, and FIFA and fans worldwide will think these are English hooligans at its worst.It was a well planned and well coordinated effort, as after the fireworks attack, they kept silent for rest of match, as if to register their protest. And then waited till the match ended, and then started their water bottle throwing antics and refusing to leave the stadium. That to me, is not what sports supporters cheering is all about. Its called football hooliganism at play. - Mr. Lee

KHAIRY Jamaluddin sifatkan tindakan Ultras Malaya membakar suar, mercun sehingga mengganggu perlawanan bolasepak semalam sebagai melampau.

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Ivan Tang berkata...

Haha check it out msia beat UK for ultimate fantasy

Lily Wong berkata...

Dude there’s pregame for fantasy world cup as well XD

Lily Wong berkata...

Dude there’s pregame for fantasy world cup as well XD