Sabtu, 23 Jun 2012

Celoteh Kepten Shafari

Captain Shafari

Salam to all, another month, the Muslims will observe Ramadhan. Then Hari Raya. Just thinking of it, one can feel that time flies very fast. Now is 2012 and then it'll be 2013, 2014 and so and so.... Yeah. I joined Famemas in 2003 for the Vietnam Sea Games and thinking of it, it was 9 years ago. 9 long years. A child borned in 2003 is now a primary 3 student. But then if we were to recall what we did in Vietnam, then most of us were to feel that it happened just a couple of years back or just about a year ago. Remember the dinner show we had on the boat that was cruising along the Saigon river on our last nite there? One group wore the red Vietnam T shirts and a few ladies donning the "cheongsums" ( sorry..vforgot the Vietnamese name for it). Capt Zaki put up the Dikir Barat show? And everybody joined the dance? And before that we had a small gathering of "refomasi-a-like" on the main street of Ho Chih Min? The visit to Cuci tunnel? Our "follow the leader dance" around the shopping complex? And we were advised not to put on any thing the depicted us as Malaysians when Vietnam played againts Malaysia in soccer, afraid that the Vietnamese will "murder" us if they were to lose? Still fresh in our minds huh? It was fun and interesting too. 

So our cheers as Famemas members is almost a decade old already. And our age, the numbers is growing every year. What ever that has gone by... if it is good, let us share and cherish together and the bad, lets forgive and forget. We have to continue with our lives, to do good on this temporary stay on God's land and pray and hope that we'll be better in the next world.

EURO 2012 is about to reach its peak. Portugal to meet Germany in the semi on one half and Italy to meet France in the other half. And in the final.... Portugal vs France where Portugal to be the Champions. 

 hehehe... thats just my imagination lah. 

And dont be surprised that England could be Euro's Champ. In 2004, when Greece hosted the Olympics, the Greeks were Euro's Champion then. So to the punters... I am giving you all a tip Ok. And England is hosting 2012 Olympics. A repeat of 2004? 

I am supporting Portugal cos I am afraid to die of heart attack. Portugal is the last to qualify for Euro 2012 and by cheering for the Portuguese, if they were to win... then I'll feel very good. Kalau tidak pun.. then I wont feel that very down type. Another factor is Nani and Ronaldo (MU strikers) And in this on going Euro, I think the supporters of Russia and Holland were really really frustrated. Luckily I am not a huge fan of the Dutch. Kalau tidak... sudah masuk hospital.... 

 and I think I'll be admitted also... When? I should have been but I am still out cos for just being stubborn. Meanwhile.. I am trying to be my own doctor and be my own nurse too. Insyaallah I'll be still around to see the next Euro kot... or to go fishing with my cucu... We can only pray and hope for the better but Allah knows better.

 And the hope of Malaysia winning a GOLD medal in the coming Olympics is fading away? LCW is still nursing his injury and our cyclists has not shown any good performance lately. May be the hope now lies in diving or archery or shooting... Whatever it is... this is the Olympics that Malaysia were to win her first gold! Yeah... Malaysia Boleh!! ( Saya memang betul-betul mengharapkan cos after 55 years... the waiting is far too long). 

And all of us are anxiously waiting for EPL. Will Tony Fernandes' Crystal Palace going to be a top 10 club... or Liverfool with Rodgers at the driving seat will be able to redeem its pride... or MU to beat the Citizens for the League's trophy... or Robbeto Matteo's Houdinis act to countinue...? Just cant wait for the EPL to start. 

Till then let us all enjoy EURO 2012 and the coming Olympics. Ole ole ole.. Portugal Boleh and Satu Gold please...... 

 Thank you. 

 capt.... Masih teringat pada Si Dia .. Endless Love kot.

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