Ahad, 4 Disember 2011

Celoteh Captain Shafari - Palembang or Jakarta?

Salam to all Famemas members.

Still remember on our bet i.e. which team perform better? Palembang or the Jakarta team?

To me, the Palembang team won in all areas and the only consolation for the Jakarta team was that to be in Stadium Gelora Bung Karno (SGBK) to witness the Harimau Malaya won the football gold. The Palembang team were in a lot of venues, sang more negara ku, visited more historical or tourism sites/places, spent longer time in Palembang and they had snapped many photos either with athletes, VVIPs and locals. Their pictures even appeared in Malaysian papers too. So they won. Congratulations!

Though I've written on our ordeal of entering, be in it and getting out of SGBK earlier but please allow me to rewrite it as .....thats the worst nightmare that I've gone through. In my 8 years of being a supporter (Famemas) for Sea games, that moments of about 45 minutes of anxiety while entering the stadium were the most frightening moments in my life (or maybe I have to face again...the moments of akad nikah dengan Si Dia hehehe). Not only me but I believe all the 66 of us inside the coach. I dont only think about myself but being an ex army personnel, I believe that I am also responsible for the whole lot. The lives of the other 65 was also my responsibility as Lee and I had really hoped and prayed that we should be in the stadium for that historical match.

Why were we so afraid? To me, I blamed the mass media people and the politicians, on both sides, our country and so is Indonesia.They wanted so much to sell their news and to promote themselves that they had created that bad feelings between Malaysians and Indonesians. (to be continued)....

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