Selasa, 8 Mac 2011


Salam 1 Malaysia to all of you....

Where have you all see this wordings, "Versatile as you"?

The answer.... On the plate number of most Perodua Alza MPVs. I wrote on "kereta juga MPV " for Alza on my another Celoteh serie but this wordings really made me feel easy... though being caught in the traffic jam... I just need to trail any Alza during bumper to bumper crawl and that words will make anyone feel nice. To the guy who initiated this... Thank you Bro... you did a wonderful job.

Captain Celoteh.

Bro? yeah.. it is sure to be a man's idea. Sorry Girls... not that I look down upon the fairer sex but man has the capability to seduce people with their correct words at the correct times... especially playboys or casanovas. Betul kan?

And the next time if you are caught in a traffic jam... just get behind the back of an Alza... and just follow it for 5-10 minutes... read the words and then try to relate it with what you had done for the day (if on your way back home) and just plan for what you are going to do for the day ( on your way to the office) .. and then you will definitely smile cos yeah.. you too are just as versatile as any other successful people. So frens... Perodua has got something extra to get the masses' attention. Those simple words meant a great thing, if you think positively.

So thinking positively is what one needs to survive on this ever challenging planet. And what a big deal that MU lost to Chelsea or Liverfools? So what? MU is the envy of all misguided fans of EPL. Yeah... MU fans are those who have that extra grey matter... they are smart. Why put yourself is a cooking pot just because of sports? It will not really affect our future. So what if you were to support the always winning team like MU? It makes you to enjoy and feel happy when MU wins and if MU were to lose... so what? There is always a chance next time. Sorry guys... please support MU cos that is the only team that is always winning and they do it in style... ADA GAYA kata orang-orang kita.

And if MU were to lose... then there are always some reasons to make us happy too. Just look back at the match with Chelsea... Abrahamnovich's team should not be awarded with a penalty but in just a few minutes after the game started... John Terry should be red carded when he blocked the shot with his arm... and then Luiz should be given the marching orders too when he blocked Rooney... So MU should have won on that night, right? And against Liverfool, I must admit that without Vidic and Ferdinand, the defence is very porous but then Carragher should be kicked out when he injured Nani with a very rough tackle. And MU could have won too right?

kah kah kah kah... ole ole ole... MU BOLEH!!

To Si Dia... please just stop admiring the handsome players of Arsenal or the tough guys of Chelsea... tak payah lah.... come and sit besides me and let us cheer for MU, the winning players and the team that has the Championship DNA.

Ok guys... I got to start working. Got a meeting at 9 am.

To Si Dia... so you went for a carnaval in Rio?

Naza Rio.. I meant? What ever it is... you are my lady. I missed you.

To all, take care and bye.

capt... my apology to all Famemas members for failing to attend the AGM

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