Ahad, 13 Februari 2011


Captain Shafari

Salam to all Malaysians,

Happy (much belated) Chinese New Year to all of you cos somehow or rather as Malaysians, we are bound to celebrate it together.

I would like to say that the build up to CNY was really a happening, roads were jammed, most shops and shopping centres were packed and thus.. innocent people like me was caught / trapped and became the victim of circumstances. Pity Captain. heheheh

My area in Bukit Serdang was full of activities..from the countdown to the celebration and even now. It will only stop after Chap Goh Mei... Got to put cotton buds in your ears if you intend to have a good sleep... the blasts of firecrackers WOW! and I wonder where they got it... worst than the artillery explosions that I was used too.

Oh mother in law (my ex wife's mother) passed away on 4th Feb. She was 83. My parents and I attended the funeral as she had requested for it a few years back. Al Fathihah to a very strong, pious, wonderful woman... My children are sure to miss her and so to many others. She had time for everyone... I am going to miss her too. Her timely death at 5.38 am on a Friday morning showed the level of her piousness, her charming character and dedicated mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She was buried beside her late husband who died in 1982 (just 9 months before our marriage). Semoga rohnya berada dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Amin.

My children.. I pity them cos they are going to feel the lost... especially in the next Raya. However it will not be that bad as they have both Tok Abah and Tok Mak in Jasin (my parents). Anyway they are big enough to accept it and they have their own life too... and Insyallah I'll have a son in law by next year. Oh... sudah tua jugak saya ...

Bye bye The Dictator of the Nile.. Mubarak. To me, he is another modern pharoah. He amassed billions. Did he never think that he too will die? Why are these so called leaders plundered his own people and let them suffer.. just to ensure that he and his generations and cronies live in a super rich lives? Why? Why? In the end... one will rot in the grave or being burnt to ashes. One cant bring his Ferrari, his palace, his gold plated aircraft and yatch.... semua di tinggalkan. So why you need the billions??

In my perceptive, the billions that one should amass is the gifts to the poors, the help that you give to the needies, the sacrifies that you endure to fight for something that you believe is right, the dedication that you put in your work, the love for your religion, the travelings that you do to see and understand the miseries of other people and their culture (and then to make them change for the better), to educate the people... and etc....

Monday is Valentine's day. To me, it is nothing wrong .. just to make your feeling of love to someone being seen or being felt or said or written.. Salah kah? as long as one do not over do it.. like having free sex or being drunk or abuse of drugs...etc.

To me I just want to say Happy Valentine's day to Si Dia. I was almost choked when I read that Si Dia is about to be of a different role... ingatkan Si Dia sudah about to be married though my prayers for her for this year is for her to get married.. so that I can forget about that little hope that I still have...hehehe Masih ada harapan kah? hehehe Only Si Dia and the Almighty Allah yang tahu. Saya hanya masih menaruh harapan... walau pun se tebal benang. Can never know as long as I dont give up, right?

On AGM.. please guys... come for the sake of Famemas. It is a wonderful club and the present batch of Excos are superb. Just need some reshuffle.. realignment amongst the office bearers... tukar jawatan kabinet... and I hope all of you to attend. Afterall it is a gathering of CNY too. Please come for the sake of good old days...and Famemas is almost 10.. including the days when the idea was first brought up. I hope to meet up with both the veterans and the new faces come this 27 Feb at Kampung Ku restaurant.

Kalau Si Dia datang... I'll sit beside her unless she'll bring along her bodyguards.... J Lo kah, Maria kah, Ivy kah...Vanitha kah...siapa kah... please do not sit beside her OK?. Let me be the one and I'll propose to her with my knee on the floor...WOW! Betul kah?

See you all on 27 Feb. and hope to meet some of you during our Chairman's open house tomorrow.

Take care and the very best in what ever you do.

capt... Si Dia tetap calun No. 1 and the only calun.

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