Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Thomas Cup

Salam to all,

so Ms Uber went to a new home called South Korea and Mr Thomas is now a PR of China.

Thomas Cup to China
Uber Cup to South Korea
Sultan Azlan Shah Cup to India and South Korea
Honda Cup to Japan
Sawasdee Cup to Thailand and
Think Cup (Tingkap) remains in Malaysia

at least every home has got 1 Think Cup

Captain Shafari.

Well frens.. many things said about our players performance in Thomas Cup. Some just could not accept defeat in their own backyard. But to say that our players do not put a fight... that is a silly statement. To me and another Famemas member agreed that BAM doesnt have a long term strategy unlike China. If you all notice, LCW and gang had participated in almost all Super series and other matches. China only took part in a few and send other players to the other tournaments. So they have that reserve strength/tactic.

All these while I thought that LCW is the best single player though he lost many times to Lin Dan. To me was that LIn Dan won because he was more aggressive but that perception was killed off during the semi finals. Lin Dan is just too good, far more superior in all techniques compared to LCW. As I see, he is the No. 1 in many years to come.

He has that physique (someone admires him), the will to win, a lot of grey matter and a disciplinarian. He is superb!

Can Malaysia win the Thomas Cup back? Surely can. We have the players and coaches but we do not have the strategist. We must have a plan and BAM should work accordingly to the plan.

Oh Yeah! I was damned upset and betul-betul marah just before the semi final matches. My daughters really wanted to tag along cos they wanted to be in the group and to feel what is supporting is all about. They saw their macho dad on TV and they begged to come along. I called our Mr Secretary Hafidz and he said "NO" cos it was agreed during the EXCO meeting that no more recruitment of new members during the semi final matches. But when I arrived at the stadium... I saw the Excos were recruiting.... and I saw a few faces that I have not seen before were already in Famemas T shirts. Siapa pun mesti terasa sungguh hampa... hampa kerana di tipu!! Marah kerana "cakap tak serupa bikin". That was outside the stadium.

Dalam stadium pula, this 1 new member called her frens/relatives to sit with us... they are not even in Famemas t shirts. How dare she could do that. When I told her off...she said that the T shirts are coming. And to make the matter worse... Mardost told that he too called En Hafidz and Mr Lee to seek permission to bring along his wife. Both said "NO" and kesian Mardost kena tidor di luar rumah after Malaysia lost.

Hello EXCOs... why practice the double standard?. And there is an Exco who came into the stadium without putting on famemas T shirt and then trying to exert his authority in the stadium!! And there is another Exco who discreetly smuggled in his wife and son who were not in Famemas T shirts. And these "newly recruited' members do not even cheer together with us... they are just happy to see the matches for free.

So please EXCOs... jalankan tugas dengan seadil-adilnya. You are being entrusted and please dont betray the members.

What about Singapore's trip? Is it still on? I think we should go cos Malaysian players would very much like to redeem their pride and therefore we would be able to see 1-2 Malaysians in the finals. And we too can try our luck in the new casinos... hehehe

Actually I do admire some EXCOs who have sincerely sacrificed for the club and the members. To them... (tepuk dada dan tanya sendiri)... A BIG THANK YOU!

Long live Famemas!

Oh... 1 more... I did chat with her and I am still smiling till today.....
To si dia... terima kasih. U made my week...

capt... masa dulu, kalau tak jumpa si buah hati ..tengok bumbung rumah dia pun jadi....

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