Khamis, 11 Februari 2010

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - ST & TW & SB

Captain Safari

Hi guys... hope life is treating you all just fine..

John Terry cheated on his wife. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. I think many Malaysian men cheated their wives too. All because of SEX! Yeah... most likely that men are more adventurous and therefore they might just wandered away... to the better field.. or the greener field. And they are successful men. JT is 3 Lions' captain. Tiger Wood needs no intro. And Clinton too... but then there are still many successful men who never strayed.. always going back to the same old field to harvest..... heheheh .. very symbolic huh.. .that little bushy field... hahahah...

And women... there are many women who double crossed their husbands too. In Star today... a man who was beaten up not only by the wife but his children too... just because he reprimanded his wife who is having an affair with another man since 1998. Aiyah.. this man's 'terong' should be cut and blended and thrown into a pond full of hungry tilapias.

And then.. in New Zealand, a 19 year old girl offered her virginity to the highest bidder in an online auction to finance her studies!! She has accepted the highest bid of NZ$45,000. Aiyah... ini pun ada kah? Then I should go on line too... who knows there are many Anwars out there...heheheh....

Lately... I am having 1-2 pimples which I never had before. I got the first on 30 Jan. From my Feng suei Master Ji... Mr Ramji .. he said that someone is missing me......  Yahoooo.. at last ada juga yang ingat sama saya..... I think it is si Dia.... heheheh ... To Mr Aneh... jangan jealous ok.

But from my guru.... he is telling me to pray more often and enjoy less... and he reminded that I am already old.

Chinese New Year is just round the corner. I remembered that we had a CNY gathering at Kelana Seafood. Though not many attended.. but with karaoke.. it was fun and quite touching. I remembered that si Dia was in Cheong sum... cantik dia.

Well lately... I just dont have the time... to join in cheering for Badminton or for Basketball. I am just too busy untuk cari makan..... Hopefully by mid March... I wont be that busy... and might join you all.

EPL... MU is trailing Chelsea by just 2 points. Well done Red Devils!! Rooney the looney is in top form now... after her daughter is borned. OK.. maybe during this curfew session... he is letting go his sexual desire on the field.... heheh..... a contrast to JT and TW. But I think being a father is the main factor that made him the "BEST STRIKER" right now.

ok... gtg. See you all later.

take care and enjoy life.

Untuk si Dia... "Terimalah orang yang menyayangi anda kerana sudah pasti anda akan di belai dan di manjakan....dan bukan orang yang anda sayangkan...kerana mungkin dia akan mengambil kesempatan ke atas diri anda" heheheh... I think these Mona Gersang novels are influencing me....hihihi



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