Isnin, 14 September 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Selamat Hari Raya

Kepten Shafari

Hi frens...

raya is another 7 days to go. I am looking forward to meet all my nephews and nieces... you never expect them to grow that fast. I have 32 of them!! But it is really fun to have them around especially most of them are about 7-12 yrs old. The small ones are ..sometimes make us to be 'geram', and the cubby and cute ones..sure to cry when they are with me.. kena gomol gomol....

EPL... yeah... something to talk about. MU won against Spurs and Manchester City hit 4 past Arsenal! I saw both matches and what a night!! MCity played without Robinho and Tevez and yet they were good. MU needs to buy another striker cos they are very strong at midfield and at the back 4. Bebatov need to train harder. Liverfool... I reserve my comments yet.

Dato Nicol lost in British Open. It is sad but I think there is something good in losing... to make us realise that she is still human after all. Just like Nadal and Serena in US open... yeah they are not robots!

Malaysia beat Lesotho 5-0!! Congratulations FAM!! Malaysia is now world beaters!! Fu^$# &*^%!! Kan&&^%$#$#!! Pun%^$#!! Just kick out all those idiots who have overstayed in FAM. Dont cheat us anymore with all those wayang kulit and when it comes to Laos Sea Games... Malaysia to lose to Brunei or Cambodia. This is all cerita lama lor..

Famemas EXCOs... RM2000 for Laos trip is too much lah... I'll better go for Umrah or buy diving suits... so that I can catch mermaids. Even RM800 is toooo much too. Why cant it be less than RM450? Please lah... find some more sponsors... try IRIS Coporation.. they donated alot for YAKEB.

And again... this hari raya I am going back to kampung alone ... tiada teman... my 11th time. I thought I would be by myself (alone) for 3-5 years only but now... I sudah takut mahu kahwin lagi... too old already. Kesian kan saya kan.

Anyway... if any of you were to be around in Jasin, Malacca on 1st and 2nd Raya..... do call me. (012 7345889). I'll be in PD after that..... hehehe ... no lah Razlin... I wont disturb you.

So guys... Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, maaf zahir dan batin. office, somewhere at Kelana Jaya 

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