Selasa, 11 Ogos 2009

Increase in Astro Sports Package Burdening the Rakyat

On behalf of Kelab Famemas Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor (1555-07-WKL), or more commonly known as the Malaysia Sports Supporters Club together with the millions of sports lovers and fans throughout Malaysia and beyond, hope and appeal to ASTRO TV (MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd) and the Minister for Information, Communications and Culture to review and retract the RM12.00 price increase proposed by ASTRO for its Sports Package.

It is felt that the price increase to the Sports Package of RM12.00 is burdening the rakyat especially in this difficult economic climate. It is estimated that there are approximately 3 million households which subscribed to ASTRO and from that amount; approximately 70% are subscribers to the ASTRO Sports Package. Therefore, approximately almost 2.1 million Malaysian households are subscribers to the Sports Package and the increase of RM12.00 per account will net ASTRO RM25.2 million. 

Sports function as a unification mechanism for all Malaysian and are the only proven example of a successful 1Malaysia concept and it should not be used as a commodity by certain parties to hold it at ransom. 

The excuse given by ASTRO that the cost of securing broadcasting rights for certain sports has increased is unjustified as ASTRO has achieved economies of scale and have successfully penetrated the Malaysian market to make it operationally and profitably viable. ASTRO has many choices to control its costs such as dropping rights to sports which are unpopular to the Malaysian viewing public. With ASTRO‘s many years of experience in the Malaysian market, they are well guided to drop Sports programs and broadcasting of unpopular sports and related programs. 

With the credible and charismatic management of ASTRO, it is hoped that they would not revert to increasing the price of the Sports Package as a short-cut to address their shortcomings. There are many other strategic actions which they can take to avoid sufferings to their subscribers and rakyat. ASTRO could improve its operational efficiencies, cost-cutting measures, etc. In fact the Malaysian market is still open for ASTRO to expand its subscribers base and please do not let its subscribers suffer first as the well being of ASTRO is dependent on its customers and how well it treats them. 

Thus, on behalf of the Malaysian Supporters and Sports Fans from various races, backgrounds and religions which stand under the common banner of 1Malaysia plead with ASTRO TV and the Minister for Information, Communications and Culture to reconsider and revoke the price increase of RM12.00 for its Sports Package by ASTRO. The Minister has a responsibility to the rakyat through the powers mandated to them by the rakyat and it is hoped that the price increase is withdrawn.

On behalf of Kelab Famemas KL & Selangor (1555-07-WKL)

Lee Hui Seng

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