Khamis, 2 April 2009

Celoteh Kepten Shafari - Cherating

Dear frens,

Malaysian track cyclists created history by winning a silver and a bronze in the World Track Championship in Poland. Congratulations to Azizulhasni, Rizal Tisin, Beadsley and MNCF!
I did condemn Datuk Naim in Korat for the lack of achievements but it is proven that I was wrong then.... and may be I am still right too till today because we havent got anywhere with road racing though we've spent millions organising le Tour de Langkawi.

Looking at these 2 scenarios... track and road cycling... the vast difference is the choice of right coach! Beadsley is doing wonders in the track but we dont have a capable one with the road racing. So KBS and MNCF got to extend Beadsley's contract and to hunt for the road's coach.

At present on the world's stage, Malaysia is very good at badminton, bowling and lawn bowls, track cycling and squash. Football and hockey where we were once the powerhouse in Asia is still far-far behind now. And if we were to "disect' these sports and games... the DNAs of the failure ones are either from the politicians or the royals...heheh Look too at sepak takraw and silat...

Yeah... I am at Cherating since Sunday. Just pure relaxing... and all alone. I do feel loneliness but then I am already used to it... I think. Azman Warren (the guitarist of RAP... Shela Majid and Zainal Abidin days..) is performing on Mon-Wed and a 7 pcs band, Angel is on Thurs-Sat at Little Bali... quite a happenning place in Kg Cherating Lama... Nice to listen to Azman Warren. Besides tourists, the other patrons are divers and surfers, oil and gas people and some drove all the way from Kuantan. I am recommending this place...even the chalets are quite clean especially in Payung Guest House (RM45 per night... what can one expect right?)

I learn this.... KETANG MAKANG UMPANG!.... it is "ketam makan umpan".... heheh this fishing buddy of mine, a 5 yr old boy got excited when a crab got hooked on his line. And I was feeling really young when I was with him... cos he adressed me as "abang"...hehehe

I do not know what Malaysia will be under the new PM. Hope it is to be better but then are we going to gauge his performance when our mass medias are controlled by the govt of the day? What ever it is let us all pray that we shall be better off and continue to live in harmony and peace where the country's wealth is shared equally by all Malaysians. InsyAllah.

Ok till next time... take care and enjoy life.


Capt... Cherating.

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