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Selamat Hari Raya From Kepten Shafari Bakar

Kepten Shafari Bakar

Dear all,

Alonso won the first night race in Singapore's F1. Hamilton thus widen his points from Massa and Raikonen when he got 3rd. Hopefully this year those people who govern F1 will put justice into practice by declaring the driver who collected the most points to become the World Champion. Guys, if you have following F1 would agree with me that those people are racists (my view only)...they have been trying to deny Hamilton to be World Champion.

And Spurs lost again. Bye bye Juande better start packing. EPL is not La Liga. I used to like Spurs... they played beautiful football before.. like the South Americans...full of individual skills and too much flair. Mama mia...good football! This Ramos spoiled it and I dont fancy Tottenham anymore. Oh yeah....Razlin.. your team lost to the newcomer, Hull (or Dull?) City. The goals scored by Geovanni and Cousin were great. Arsenal were creating the many chances but at the end... the score that matters. MU won but it was not great at all....the controversial penalty awarded was a bias decision. Now the English referees are getting worse.... are the matches in EPL being bought and sold too?? So Chelsea and Liverfool are top...the 2 teams that I hate most. Hopefully they wont stay there long enough till I am getting sick of it.

BAM parted ways with Chun Hann, Wan Wah and Tan Fook in a very friendly manner with both parties had good words for another. This should be the way... being professionals. Bravo Dato Nadzmi and keep up with the good work. Those senior players could be very good coaches (betul ke Raz...sounds like bus coaches only) in future. Their experiences amount of money can buy.

It is time to balik kampung. I remember Lat's cartoons... Jalan TAR was deserted until the rodents can sun bathed on the roads during these balik kampung seasons. Those were the days when KL was not being invaded by the "aliens" - Indons, Banglas, Nepalese, Indians, Vietnamese, Filipinos etc... me... if you were to go to KL on the 1st and 2nd day of Hari Raya... you might think that you are in their country... Bukit Nenas area (Phillipines), Kota Raya and Bas Station Klang (Indonesia), Maybank area and Cahaya Suria building (Bangladesh, Nepal), Dataran Merdeka(Vietnam). And if you have nothing much to do...try to be taxi sapu (illegal taxi) and you can earn a few hundred ringgits during these 2 days.

There were many Gerakan members crossing into PKR. Well... I still have faith with DSAI to form the government. There are still a few hiccups that need to straighten up. Ok..if you dont agree with me.. it is fine but why all this rush of Abdullah Badawi swapped minister's posts with Najib? Why there is a need to postpone the UMNO general assembly? Why the change over of power (PM) need to carry forward?? Mesti ada sesuatu yang tak kena kan?? Think it wisely guys.... the leaves would not sway if the is no wind right? hehehe direct translation from the Malay proverb.

At my age....fasting is becoming a little problem. I am feeling some pain in my kidney part. May be lack of water. It is only lately that I realised this. During other days I do drink alot... not tani lah Jason...but plain water. It is not that fasting is bad but when your intake of water is lesser than other days....something must be affected, right? Well I am trying to drink more water at nights but to urinate more often and thus I become sleepy during the day. Yeah.. at my age.. there is no feeling of hungry even if we dont take 'sahor'.. it is liquid that we need more. I think Dr Zaki would agrre with me.

Fishing?? My weekend brought no luck... spent a total of 11 hours ( 2 days) but got only 2 pieces. Geram and sakit hati. And there is this pond at Melaka Raya. Last year I spent half a day on the 2nd day of raya there. Well.. I am hooked to fishing. But isnt fishing is better than some other past time activities?? Raz... are you into fishing?


To Razlin.... maafkan saya ok...cos I've been kacauing you alot. But these things keep me going and the feel of being young and be part of this beautiful world. And Thank You very much for your tolerence... and to others too.

If anyone comes near to Jasin Town... do call me. There is ketupat, rendang, sambal kacang and lodeh... my mother's specialities.


capt... Shafari

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